One major thing many realtors are overlooking is the importance of the presentation of their properties. Outstanding real estate photography and marketing will not just attract buyers and sell houses faster at a higher price. Especially a seller's market, photography is one of the most critical marketing assets to attract clients who are looking for agents to show and market their homes in the best possible way. To be short: photography is essential for your business's branding and you know it:



  • Stop doing what everybody else does and build a stand out real estate agency
  • Step up your property presentation with professional interior and outdoor photography
  • Build an outstanding portfolio that attracts both buyers and sellers
  • Sell your properties faster to a higher price
  • Grow your client base with a strong brand, effortless social media and marketing
Nook in a 30-ties house
Livingroom shot for RTL Woonmagazine


During this 3 days of in-depth training for real estate agents we'll cover:

Essentials of Photography

In this lesson, Guillaume teaches the essentials of photography: Aperture, ISO, shutter speed and capturing in RAW file format. You will learn how to use your camera and choose the appropriate settings. After this module, you have a solid base to take interior and exterior photos with natural light.

Basics of Home Staging

Nicolet makes you familiar with home staging basics, staging is a fundamental part of real estate photography. You will learn how to convince and instruct your clients to prepare their home for the photo shoot and showings. When to bring in an expert Home Stager and how to approach photo styling while shooting.

Editing in Adobe Photoshop CC

Nicolet teaches you to edit photos in Adobe Camera RAW,  how to make and use presets to speed up your workflow. You will understand how to use Adobe Photoshop CC for the finishing touch; minor retouching, partial improvements, cropping and exporting images.

Shooting a property

It is time to take all you learned into action. Nicolet helps recognise the light, determine which photos to make and, choose camera settings and points of view. In the afternoon you have time to edit the pictures. In the next lesson, we examine your work: You will get tips on each image: technical decisions, angles and editing.

Speeding up your photography workflow

After discussing the homework assignment, Nicolet explains her workflow and the strategies she created to speed up her workflow in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop CC. You learn how to work efficiently and add real estate photography and photo-editing into your day-to-day practice.

Branding and marketing your real estate business

In the last part of the course, you learn the basics of branding to attract your ideal clients. We review your current visual branding, your website and brand materials, SEO, marketing and social media strategies, improving the way your audience perceives your real estate agency.

After this in-company training, you have the skills and knowledge that gives you a competitive advantage: You know how to capture, present and market your properties and your business.


You will gain the trust of clients to market their home in the best way which will give you the opportunity to sell more houses, preferably on an exclusive basis.


  • Know how to use your camera in manual setting
  • Have the technological skills required for real estate photography
  • Know how to choose the right standpoints to present your properties in the best way
  • Can edit your photos in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop CC
  • Are able to create presets to speed up your workflow
  • Convince sellers to take action, declutter and, stage their house for photography and showings
  • Build a real estate portfolio that appeals to both buyers and new home sellers
  • Have a clear vision on your branding
  • Stand out from the competition by approaching the market differently
Dining room, real estate photography for RE/MAX realtor Linda Jansen
modern living room with old french castle doors
Children's bedroom, real estate photography for Margit Nijboer.
Arienne Brokking – Arienne Woningmarketing

It is great to receive so much practice-oriented information in a small group from such an experienced real estate photographer. Nicolet and Guillaume not just teach you everything about real estate photography and post-processing. You will also learn about entrepreneurship, branding and social media and which tools you can use to speed up your workflow.

Besides, you will receive a lot of practical information and templates to get you started. Even after the course, I can approach them to receive feedback on my pictures and answers to my questions. That kind of aftercare is precious! Thanks, Nicolet and Guillaume!

Arienne Brokking – Arienne Woningmarketing
Danielle de Groot – For Sale Makelaardij

Besides the warm welcome, Nicolet and Guillaume not only teach you to create beautiful and useful pictures of your houses you also learn how to do the post-processing. Nicolet provides valuable suggestions about your business's branding and marketing. After an entire day of inspiration, I was looking forward to the second day which was again very instructive.

I can encourage anybody who wishes to grow his or her real estate business to enrol in this training. Nicolet and Guillaume motivate you to take your presentations to a higher standard, and you always have a backup when you run into obstacles. I am delighted I chose this course.

Danielle de Groot – For Sale Makelaardij


  • 850 euro per person for the first two students 
  • The investment for attendees 3-5 is 175 euro/person
  • 4 nights of lodging for Nicolet & Guillaume provided by you
  • Travel expenses



Two full colour printed books, digital workbooks, checklists and cheat sheets


10 Templates with instruction to merge photos into one image


Email or skype guidance by Nicolet up to 6 months after the course


  • Photography for Real Estate. The manual that covers everything from gear to editing.
  • The Home Staging Handbook. Written for home sellers, but the theory is relevant to your everyday practice 
  • 3 extensive checklists for your clients to help them to declutter and prepare for the photo shoot and showings
  • 8 Photoshop templates to merge your detail shots into one image with instructions on how to use and how to make your own
  • My workbook to get you started with (re-) branding your business and attract your ideal customers
  • Cheat sheets with the current sizing of social media headers and images
  • An overview of all tools I use to streamline my work, optimise my site, marketing and social media
  • All presentation sheets used during the course in PDF
  • If you have any questions after the training or want me to review your first images, I offer 6 months of support by email or skype. 

Nicolet Groen - Picture & Space


With an education in architectural design and a career in real estate, Nicolet started her home staging and real estate photography business in 2007. Photography schools didn't offer interior photography courses, so she developed her unique way of shooting interiors with natural light and editing photographs.

In 2012 Nicolet created the first real estate photography course in the Netherlands and trained dozens of interior designers, architects and real estate agents since. Her approach works: The 220 properties she shot in 2015 sold within an average of 45 days. Numbers of the Dutch organisation of realtors NVM show the average house listed for 102 days in that year.


Guillaume worked as an IT Architect for 18 years. The thought of being stuck behind a desk a for the rest of his career made him decide to back to school to study photography.

He graduated in 2011 and gave up his day job to chase his dreams. Guillaume shoots for corporate magazines, real estate developers and he helps small business owners with their brand photography.

Guillaume teaches street photography workshops and the technical aspects of photography in Nicolet's classes.


  • The course comprises 6 modules divided over 2.5 days + 0.5 day for homework
  • The course is fit for beginners and more experienced photographers
  • We recommend no more than 4-5 trainees to provide enough personal attention to everyone


  • It is important for attendants to focus on the lectures.
  • Day 1 and 3 are full training days from 10.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 17.00
  • Day 2 is a training day of 2,5 - 3 hours in the morning. In the afternoon, attendees work on their homework assignment


  • Camera body, wide angle lens, memory cards, full batteries, camera manual and, a sturdy tripod. If you don't have your equipment yet, please take a look at the Tools and Gear page or please contact us so we can recommend what gear to buy within your budget.
  • During the course, you learn to work with Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop CC. The Adobe Photography plan includes Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and is €9.95 excl. VAT per month per licence.


  • A training room of your choice, this can be at your office, your home or a location nearby including coffee, tea and lunch.
  • For the practice lesson, we need a house. It can be your client's or your own; a home representative of your real estate portfolio.
  • After booking the training, you receive an invoice for a 50% payment to secure your reservation. The other 50% is after the course, with 30 days due date.
  • VAT Reverse charge (0%) for training outside of the Netherlands with a valid VAT number.
living room photography for a dutch real estate agent.
hall way with a view inside the bathroom and bedroom - photography for a realtor
kitchen photography with natural light only


We have little photography experience, is this course suitable for us?

We educated students with years of photography experience and students who hardly dared to pick up a camera. Some showed up with their gear still in the box! The design and approach of this real estate photography training can be both a perfect start and an excellent addition to your knowledge. The course is suitable for anyone with an affinity for photography. Affinity and the willingness to learn is essential because it will push you further in your skills.

The course is what my company needs but not all trainees are technical, can they attend?

We hear you. But, they won't be the first students with a fear of the camera and are nervous about the idea they have to learn to use it in manual. That's why the maximum of attendees is five persons and also the reason Guillaume will be present during the more technical parts of the course. So if necessary, we will offer 1:1 help

Besides, you receive email or Skype guidance for up to six months after the training. We are here for you and won't let anyone down in their learning process!

Isn't a 2,5 days training too short to learn how to shoot real estate?

We have to admit; it is intense to teach photography in this short amount of time, both for the students and for us. But we have lectured this course since 2011, and we have always succeeded to improve the photography skills of every single student we had in our classes.

The support we offer after the course is unique; your learning experience does not end after the third day; it is just about to start. If you have questions, we are just an email, or a Skype call away. And we'd love to evaluate the first photos after the course and give you advice how to make your work even better.

Can we use Adobe Photoshop Elements?

We often get this question. We installed the latest version of Photoshop Elements on our computer to put it through an extensive test and we have to admit; Photoshop Elements surprised us with the number of useful features.

But essential functions are missing: It is not possible not adjust bending walls, straightening vertical and horizontal lines is more time-consuming. Besides, Photoshop Elements offers limited possibilities to automate your workflow. These features are well worth investing € 9,95/month for the Adobe Photography plan.

Is it possible to use Adobe Lightroom?

We teach Adobe Photoshop CC because you can to do all editing in one software. Most of Adobe Lightroom's features are available in Adobe Camera RAW, the development part of Photoshop. The main difference between Lightroom Classic and Camera RAW is the library function.

If you like, you can continue to use Lightroom; you can apply all settings we teach in Adobe Camera RAW also in Lightroom. But, Photoshop has functions you need to get the best out of your pictures. To be short, you need to combine those two software programs.

We are running an established business, and we want to learn how to shoot properties. Aren't the other modules redundant in our situation?

Whether these components are valuable is something you have to decide for yourself. Our experience is that many real estate professionals can improve their branding. They don't take full advantage of social media and find it hard to express the added value of standout photography to sellers.

Before we added these topics to the course, most questions were about these subjects. Because it is an in-company training, we will personalise the content for your business.

Do you offer a one-day in-company training?

Not in this setting because we can not assure all attendees will know how to photograph, shoot and edit a property in one day. It is most likely that you will be unsatisfied and think it a waste of your time and money. That will be unsatisfying for both of us!

But, we offer 1:1 workshops in the Netherlands that will teach you everything. During this personalised workshop, you will receive the same materials and support as offered on this page.

Is it possible to just order the book Photography for Real Estate?

Unfortunately not, the book is only available as reference material for our students.