Last month I discovered things I created were published without my permission, plain copyright infringement. Unfortunately, it was not the first time. In the past, entire photo series somehow ended up in online portfolios of starting competitors, for real. But three times in one single month, that was another ball game. Twice it was a photo, the third time it was text related content.

Copying is the ultimate form of flattery (NOT!)

Although my sweet husband tried to comfort me with the words “copying is the ultimate form of flattery,” it did not feel flattering at all. It sincerely felt like someone stole my stuff on two of the occasions. Two of them? Yes, I will explain. Nevertheless, I felt that there was nothing else to do than to approach the copycats. An awful job, but someone's got to do it.

Copying is the ultimate form of flattery (NOT!). How to handle content by others.Click To Tweet

Copyright and infringements

How did I handle these separate occasions? Well, I wrote it on the Missinglettr blog. And not just how I handle these copyright infringements, I also tell you what you can and can't do with text and pictures of others.

You can read the full post over here

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