20 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Photographers

There are many lists around the web with example blog posts for photographers, but as far as I can tell, none of them are related to Real Estate Photography. It can be pretty hard to come up with topics. When you start blogging, it can be that you’re busy or find it difficult to write, so I created this list of subjects you can share with your audience, and you can turn many of these into a series! This post will give you months, perhaps even years, of things to write about.

1. Success stories [series]

Was the house on the market for quite some time, and did it only finally sell after you took some new pictures? Tell us how long it was listed for before you did the new photos, and how long it took for the house to sell afterward. Include before and after images!

2. How to prepare your home for photography [series]

You can divide the tips into several blog posts and offer a checklist per room as a content upgrade to grow your email list.

3. Recent projects [series]

Write a post each month about a house that you shot, why you liked it, and your experience with it. Show your best pictures of the house, and share a link to the listing. Your client will appreciate this and will likely share your blog post on their social media accounts! Posts like these are perfect for audience building and reaching potential customers.

4. Q&A [series]

Answer the questions that people ask you on a regular basis.

5. The best of… on types of rooms [series]

Write a short caption and show off your work of your 5 most beautiful kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

6. The best of… on types of houses [series]

For example 5 most beautiful apartments, your 5 favorite historical houses, etc.

7. How far do you go to make the perfect shot?

Sometimes a house needs some serious work before you can start shooting. Share a picture of all the stuff from the room, being careful that people won’t recognize the actual place as not to embarrass your clients. It shows potential customers that you care and do everything you can to showcase the property in the best possible way.

8. Share a testimonial [series] 

Include some pictures of the property and the review of the seller or the real estate agent.

9. Feature the clients you work with [series]

Write blog posts featuring agents and other customers that hire you on a regular basis. Give them a platform and give your audience the chance to meet someone who takes property presentation seriously. And then ask the featured client if they could kindly share your post.

10. How to choose a Real Estate Photographer

Some suggestions to get you started:

Are the rooms lit properly? Are verticals and horizontals straightened? Does the photographer offer all the services you want for the presentation of your property? How much time will the shoot take? (If it takes less than an hour, you might wonder if this photographer actually takes the time to present your property in the best way.) Is the price reasonable for the services? Explain that one hour on location equals one hour in post-processing. Is there no misuse of the wide angle lenses? Do you understand the layout of the property just by looking at the pictures?

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11. Roundup of blog posts [series]

Don’t bury your content in your archives, repurpose your blogs in a roundup — for example, your best tips on preparing your house for the photo shoot.

12. 5 things that inspire you

People like to connect with the photographer they’re hiring. Make a list of things that inspire you in your work. Think of books, photographers, and individual pictures.

13. Personal project [series]

Share beautiful pictures of your vacation, children, or anything you can come up with, so clients get to know you!

14. The gear and tools you use

Give potential customers insight into the equipment and tools you use. Share a picture of your camera bag.

15. Highlight one of your services

Do you offer virtual tours, floor plans, aerials, or videos? Tell your audience about it without being too salesy.

16. A roundup of helpful blog posts from other bloggers [series]

Choose blog posts of real estate agents you work for, home stagers you know, or your favorite interior design blogs. Anything that might appeal to your audience that is related to selling and buying a house.

17. A day in the life post

Show readers how you spend a business day. Try to include pictures of you while shooting and editing. You don’t have to be too detailed, just give them a peek.

18. The “you’re not going to believe this!” [series]

Share anecdotes of things you’ve encountered during photo shoots. Bring in pictures or preferably detail shots so people can’t figure out whose house it is.

For instance, strange things you run into in a house. For me, that would include the day I walked into a mummified mouse, chickens walking around in the living room, and having to remove very personal items like sex toys before I could shoot the bedroom!

19. Tell your story

Why did you become a photographer in the first place? What do you like about your work? Telling your story will humanize your business.

20. Share your process

Write a post on how you work, and what you do before, during, and after the photo shoot. Most clients don’t realize that there’s a lot of work involved before you trigger the shutter. Educate them and show them pre- and post-edited pictures.

Now grab your Monthly Blog Planner!

To help you plan your content, I have created a planner. I know, I’m not the first person to share such a document, but most of these planners are weekly, or even daily! To be honest, running a business in Real Estate Photography doesn’t require writing that many posts at all, you just need to keep your site updated on a regular basis.

So I came up with a monthly blog planner to keep you in check. It’s a fillable PDF with space enough to jot down your ideas. It has checkboxes for the different stages your post is in. You can also check off where you have shared your posts on social media, and it has room for analytics to track your audience growth.

Just leave your name and email address below, and I’ll send it to you!

Well, what do you think? Was there anything useful for your blog?

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